Astoria Queens

Living, Dining, and Having Fun

Astoria Queens has become very popular in recent years. It is...

  • Ethnically diverse – Great food and shopping.
  • Close to Manhattan.
  • Urban, but greener and spacier.
  • Affordable - Offers plenty of rental options with reasonable prices.
  • Friendly – Streets are very pedestrian friendly.
  • Electric – Lively nightlife with electric mix of restaurants, hookah bars and clubs.

31st Street and Ditmars Boulevard intersection in Astoria Queens, New York.

Originally called Hallet's Cove, Astoria Queens' was founded in 1839 by Stephen Halsey, who named it after John Jacob Astor. Before the twentieth century this part of Queens was mainly Dutch, German and Italian. But, during 1960's many ethnic Greeks from Greece moved here. And, by 1974 Astoria had the largest Greek population outside of Greece itself!

In recent years, along with Greeks, many other immigrants from around the world have made Astoria their home. Where Ditmars and 30th Avenue are Greek and Cypriot areas, Broadway is more Latin American, and Stienway, just South of Astoria Boulevard is called Little Egypt. Other countries that are represented in this neighborhood include Ireland, Poland, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Hungary and Algeria.

With over 200,000 people, Astoria is a very vibrant neighborhood of northwestern Queens New York. Most popular areas of this neighborhood are Steinway Street, 30th Avenue, Broadway, 31st Street, Ditmars Boulevard, and Astoria Boulevard. These culturally diverse streets provide an excellent experience for ethnic and local shopping and dining.

Things to Do and Attractions in Astoria Queens

Astoria is mostly popular for its shopping and food. But, there are other points of interest you don't want to miss.

Astoria Park -

Astoria Park, view from Shore Boulevard

This park encompasses almost 60 acres of land...

Hell Gate Bridge, view from Shore Boulevard in Astoria ParkIt runs along East River and is next to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge (formerly Triboro Bridge) and Hell Gate Bridge.

Also located here, visit New York City's oldest and largest swimming pool. This great park also offers you bocce courts, six tennis courts, two playgrounds, a skate-park and a track for running!

Museum of the Moving Image -

Mission of this Museum is to advance the public understanding and appreciation of the art, history, technique and technology of film, television, and digital media. It presents interactive experiences and offers educational and interactive programs to students, teachers and the general public.

Astoria Music Society

Dedicated to the musical enrichment of western Queens, it celebrates the cultural diversity of Astoria Queens by presenting concerts of music from around the world. This Society was founded by Music Director Silas Huff in 2002 to give local musicians a venue in their own neighborhood. It exists primarily in the form of the Astoria Symphony, also performing concerts for children and special occasions.

Astoria Performing Arts Center, Inc. (APAC)

Founded in 2001 by actress Susan Scannell, it promises to bring high quality theater and entertainment to Astoria and Long Island City neighborhoods of Queens. Each year, this non-profit organization brings extended networks of artists, technicians, and volunteers together to produce musical revivals and modern plays.

Greek Cultural Center, Inc. (GCC) -

Also a not-for-profit organization, GCC strives to preserve its language and culture through arts and art education. This organization started in 1974 and offers productions in theater, music, folk dance, shadow Puppet Theater, and workshops for all ages.

Astoria Shopping, Dining and Nightlife

Whether you are a local or just visiting, you will agree Astoria Queens provides an unbeatable wine, dine and shop experience!

Steinway Street

Steinway Street and Braodway intersection in Astoria Queens.

A monster street for shopping and dining. It stretches from 24th Avenue, all the way to Northern Boulevard. Just walking along this particular street will introduce you to everything Astoria is about.

Steinway Street shopping is as diverse as its people. It houses over 300 stores, both big and small... Everything from one-of-a-kind shops and boutiques to national chains. There is something here for everyone! National chains like Gap, Victoria’s Secret, and Express are all conveniently located between various European and Brazilian boutiques.

As much as the locals like to rave about Steinway Street shopping, the dining is even better.

This Street is lined with endless restaurants, cafes and specialty food stores from every corner of the world! Don't worry if you are not into ethnic food. Relax! Starbucks, McDonalds, Wendy's, Subways... they are all here, sprinkled in between the Greek, Mexican, Chinese and Indian restaurants.

Stand food – food on the street, is also very popular in Astoria Queens. A Moroccan guy named Ali is known for his food stand on the corner of 28th Avenue and Steinway Street... Many say his chicken over rice dish is yummy, especially when it's spicy! I'm not very big on stand food. But, I think I will give it a try next time I'm there.

Steinway Street is very busy during the day. But, at night it becomes completely electric! Lined with Hookah Bars and clubs this Street offers you a city-like nightlife experience. If you are not a bar or club type, then catch a movie at an Astoria movie theater and enjoy! If both of the above options are not for you then go to...

The Strip -

The Strip, a walk along East River in Astroria Queens. and walk along East River.

This place is bustling with people from 5 o'clock in the evening to 4 o'clock in the morning, when the weather is nice... of course!

Enjoy the night time view of Manhattan skyline from here... It is awe inspiring, and very beautiful!

No doubt Steinway Street is the heart of Astoria. But Broadway, Ditmars Boulevard, 30th Ave, 31st Street, and Astoria Boulevard are also worth your time. These streets are also lined with shops, restaurants, bars and clubs.

More about Astoria Queens

Astoria Real Estate

This neighborhood has become very popular especially among the young. It is close to Manhattan and offers affordable rents. Well, affordable as compared to Manhattan. Whereas Manhattan rents are insane, Astoria does offer a better choice for housing and it's greener and spacier.

Astoria housing types include...

  • Two-story buildings – most common
  • Small apartment buildings
  • One, two, and three family homes – usually attached
  • Condominiums – small developments
  • Co-ops

Expect to pay...

  • For apartment rentals...
    • $850+ for Studio
    • $1050 to $1600 for 1-bedroom
    • $1300 to $2200 for 2-bedrooms
    • $1800+ for 3-bedrooms

  • $300,000 and up for Co-ops
  • $350,000 to $500,000 for Condos
  • $550,000 to $800,000 for One Family Home
  • $750,000 to $1.3 million for Two Family Home

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