Bayside Queens

Suburban, Superior Public Schools, Shops and Restaurants

Bayside Queens, a suburban neighborhood in New York City.

Bayside Queens offers everything you want to raise a family...

  • Safe, suburban neighborhood.
  • Superior Public Schools.
  • Prime waterfront, beautiful Parks and Playgrounds.
  • Wonderful Public Libraries.
  • Quick (30 minute) commute to Manhattan when traveling on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). There is no subway line here... Just buses and the LIRR.
  • Many Shops and Restaurants.
  • Near to the Throgs Neck Bridge and highways.

Of course a neighborhood that offers so much to its residents is going to be expensive to live in. In 2005, Bayside Queens was included in CNN Money's list of Most Expensive Housing Markets.

Historic Bayside, interior view of historic battery at Fort Totten in Queens, New York.Like the rest of Queens New York, this neighborhood is also very historic. The history of early Bayside is closely identified with that of Flushing. It dates back to 2000 B.C., when the Matinecock Native American tribe first came to live here. Since then this area has gone through a lot of change. And, in recent years Chinese, Greek and Korean families have moved here to join the long time Italian community.

Bayside Historical Society in Queens, New York.Today, the Bayside Historical Society strives to collect, preserve and circulate information concerning the history of Bayside Queens. This Society was founded in 1964 by Joseph H. Brown.

Bayside is part of northeastern Queens and belongs to Queens Community Board 11. Roughly, its boundaries are...

  • Francis Lewis Boulevard to the west.
  • 233rd Street to the east.
  • Grand Central Parkway (GCP) to the south.
  • Cross Island Parkway and Little Neck Bay to the north.

Bayside Queens' Beautiful Housing Communities

A housing community in Bayside Queens, New York

Bayside Queens is a big neighborhood. It includes the following communities...

  • Bay Terrace... large apartment buildings
  • Oakland Gardens... home to the Queensborough Community College
  • Bayside Gables... privately owned gated community
  • Bayside Hills... development-style housing
  • Baybridge... A gated community with low rise buildings near Clearview Expressway.
  • Bellcourt... area from Bell Boulevard to Clearview Expressway and 35th to 39th Avenues. It is near the LIRR.
  • Tall Oaks and Weeks Woodlands... 26th to 35th Avenues. It is east of Bell Boulevard.
  • Laurence Manor... 40th Avenue to 221st Street. Also eat of Bell Boulevard.

Want to know what it costs to live in Bayside Queens?

Bayside housing is mostly 1- and 2-family homes. But, you can also find many co-ops, condos and apartments here. Generally, the price of living in this part of Queens New York has stayed the same since 2007...

  • 2- Family Houses go for $750,000 or more.
  • 1- Family -
    • Attached Houses start at $400,000.
    • Semi- and Non-Attached Houses range from $500,000 to $2-3 million!
  • Condos range from $250,000 to $700,000 depending on the number of bedrooms.
  • Victoria's Secret on Austin Street in Forest Hills Queens, New YorkCo-ops range from $150,000 to $500,000 depending on the number of bedrooms.
  • Rentals -
    • A one bedroom apartment... $1,000 to $1,400.
    • A two bedroom apartment... $1,400 to $3,000.
    • A three bedroom apartment starts at $1,500.
    • Houses begin roughly at $2,000.

Schools, Colleges, and Libraries of Bayside Queens

Schools -

Schools of Bayside Queens are one reason for the high real estate prices.

Bayside Queens is part of the New York City Department of Education's district 26... highest performing district for grades K-9. You will feel a sense of pride and satisfaction while visiting schools here. The teachers and administrator show a personal interest in developing your child's independence and creative thought.

This neighborhood has two of Queens' best high schools...

Benjamin N. Cardozo High School (or just Cardozo High) –

Benjamin N. Cardozo High School in Bayside Queens New York.

Address: 57-00 223rd St, Bayside, NY 11364, Phone: (718) 279-6500, Website:

Benjamin Cardozo is one of the most popular high school for 8th graders to apply to in New York City. It is a neighborhood school with approximately 6,000 students. Most of the students who attend this high school live in the area. But, because of serious overcrowding, your child is not guaranteed a seat for living in this school zone.

A specialty of this high school is its competitive magnet programs in math, science, law and dance.

Bayside High school -

Bayside High School in Bayside Queens New York.

Address: 3224 Corporal Kennedy Street, Bayside, NY 11361-1061, Phone: (718) 229-7600, Website:

In March of 2010 Bayside High School was featured in a NY1 story “Queens High Schools Have City's Highest Graduation Rates.” Mayor Bloomberg announced, the students in Queens are the head of the class when it comes to graduating from high school.

This school is on a mission to make sure all of its graduates enroll in college, prepare to persist and succeed in achieving their degrees. Here the teachers and administrators are engaged in continuous effort to motivate and enthuse every student to plan for college and beyond... counselors and support staff are providing comprehensive, hands-on assistance as students explore the exciting world of college and careers, said Michael Athy, the principal of Bayside High School.

More about Bayside High school...

  • key interests are science, arts and technology.
  • Crowded.
  • Ethnically diverse.
  • Curriculum better than average-standard.
  • Transportation is difficult... no subway lines, only buses.

Colleges -

Queensborough Community College (QCC) is the only college in Bayside Queens. However, Queens College in Flushing and St. John's University in Fresh Meadows, are close by.

Queensborough Community College (QCC)...

Queensborough Community College in Bayside Queens New York.

Address:222-05 56th Ave., Bayside, NY 11364, Phone: (718) 631-6262, Website:

Founded in 1959, QCC provides a high quality education through a wide range of Associate degree programs. These programs get students ready for transfer to senior- 4 year colleges or entry into professional careers. Many special opportunities and exceptional support services, help the students to succeed both academically and professionally.

QCC's 15,000 students represent 140 different countries, reflecting the diversity of queens. This college has an expansive 37-acre campus offering everything under the sun to enhance and enrich student learning.

Here is an impressive list of QCC's outstanding academic facilities and services...

  • The Experimental Shadowbox Theater
  • The Kurt R. Schmeller Library Building
  • The Robert F. Kennedy Hall - Contains a Fitness Center, Gymnasium, and Aquatic Center
  • Newly reconstructed Tennis Courts and a quarter-mile Outdoor Track and Field
  • The Queensborough Performing Arts Center (QPAC) - offers Broadway-caliber Dance, Musical Theatre, Comedy, Opera and More
  • A critically acclaimed QCC Art Gallery - offers a rotating schedule of World-class Exhibits
  • The Harriet and Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives
  • Astronomy Observatory
  • Recital Hall
  • Professional Sound Recording Studio
  • Art and Dance Studios
  • Photography, Digital Art, Music and Recording Laboratories
  • 900-seat Professional Theater
  • Barnes and Nobles Bookstore
  • Student Union
  • Day Care Center
  • Latest Instructional Technology
  • Laboratories
  • Computer Equipment
  • Wireless Internet connectivity throughout campus

Public Libraries -

Bayside Queens has three public libraries...

  • Bay Terrace Public Library in Queens, New YorkBay Terrace Library
    Address: 18-36 Bell Boulevard, Bayside, NY 11360, Phone: (718) 423-7004
  • Bayside Library
    Address: 214-20 Northern Boulevard, Bayside, NY 11361, Phone: (718) 229-1834

  • Bayside Windsor Park Library
    Address: 79-50 Bell Boulevard, Bayside, NY 11364, Phone (718) 468-8300

Things To Do In Bayside Queens

Shop -

Bayside Queens has 3 commercial streets... Bell Boulevard, Francis Lewis Boulevard and Northern Boulevard. However, the most popular and satisfying shopping area is on Bell Boulevard.

Bell Boulevard...

Bell Boulevard - A major shopping area in Bayside Queens New York.

Here you will find everything from small shops to major chains at the Bay Terrace Mall in Queens, New YorkBay Terrace Mall. The shopping district along Bell Boulevard is labeled “Bayside Village” because of many very old small family businesses.

The only thing that is not good about this area is that it is not linked to any subway line. However, there are public buses (Q13 and Q31) that run along Bell Boulevard. Also there's the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), if you want another public travel option. However, it is a lot more expensive than the buses.

Bars on Bell Boulevard's in Bayside Queens, New YorkNight life on Bell is a big one! Well... only if you like bars. That is what's big here at night.

Dozens of bars line the strip between Northern Boulevard and 35th avenue. You have everything from older Irish pubs like Donovan's to newer trendy bars like Forty O Five and palm Club. Many who come here from all across New York City and Long Island say that not even Manhattan comes close to what this part of Queens has to offer for a night out. Here you don't have the traffic, drugs or the bums you have in Manhattan.

Enjoy the Parks, Playgrounds and the Waterfront -

Waterfront of Bayside Queens New York.  View of Throgs Neck Bridge.

Bayside has hundreds of acres of parks, with ball fields, golf courses, picnic areas, and hiking paths...

Fort Totten Park

Fort Totten Park in Bayside Queens New York.

Fort Totten, Cross Island Parkway, Totten Road to 15th Road

Fort Totten Park is a very unique park of Queens New York. Preserving a Civil War fortress, this park provides not only recreation and relaxation but a fascinating glimps into New York's past. It's an adventurous place and there is always something special to do here.

On hot summer days you can take a dip in the pool and sunbathe around its grassy edges. Or, take a canoe out and paddle along the Long Island Sound.

In October, during Halloween, come and get spooked by the enormous haunted “house” located in the old water battery.

And, if you are a bird lover, visit during the winter to watch the migrating waterfowl rest before their long journey south.

More About Fort Totten Park...

  • Guided Tours - There are regular guided tours, provided by the park rangers, of the fortress and the wildlife surrounding it.
  • Visitor Center - Not interested in these guided tours? A visitor center inside the park provides helpful information on the park's past for those to scout alone. Address: 212th Street and Bell Boulevard, Phone: (718) 352-1769.

  • Joe Michael's Mile, a greenway in Bayside Queens, New YorkGreenway - A park area designated exclusively for Bicyclers and pedestrians.

  • Soccer Field - At Weaver Avenue between Murray Avenue & Shore Road.

Crocheron Park and John Golden Park are next to each other and bordered by 214th Place, 214th Lane, 215th Place and Cross Island Parkway, between 33rd and 35th. They offers basketball, baseball and tennis courts, bathrooms, dog runs, eateries, playgrounds, spray showers and water fountains.

Little Bay Park at Cross Island Parkway between Utopia Parkway and Totten Avenue, offers baseball fields, bicycling and greenways, dog runs, eateries, kayak/canoe launch site, roller hockey, and water fountains.

Bay Terrace Playground at 23rd Avenue between 212th Street and Bell Boulevard has basketball and handball courts, bathrooms, spray showers and water fountains.

Willets Point Playground at 166th Street between 16th Avenue and 16th Road has basketball and handball courts, spray showers and water fountains.

Buz O'Rourke Playground, a very beautiful playground to take your kids to in Queens, New YorkBuz O’Rourke Playground is part of the Crocheron Park.

Bayside Marina -

Bayside Marina in Bayside Queens New York.

Bayside Queens' breathtaking waterfront along the Fort Totten Park at Cross Island Parkway and Little Neck Bay. When using public transportation take the Q13 or Q16 buse to Fort Totten stop.

A concrete ramp near the marina and fishing pier offers direct access to...

  • Little Neck Bay
  • The wetlands of Alley Pond Park
  • Udall's Cove
  • Parking and footbridge access is at 28th Avenue. And, for your convenience fishing and boating rentals are available.
  • Nearby points of interest are...
  • The Habitat of the Salt Marshes
  • Fort Totten
  • Civil War Battery
  • Throgs Neck Bridge
  • Whitestone Bridge

A typical day paddle at the Marina can take you along the shoreline of Joe Michael’s Mile near Alley Pond Creek on the border of the Salt Marshes. If you choose to venture around the peninsula from Little Neck Bay you will pass the Civil War Battery of Fort Totten into Little Bay.

I'm very sure you've enjoyed Bayside Queens. It is a beautiful suburban neighborhood in a big city!

Have more time? Explore other Top Neighborhoods of Queens, New York...

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