Forest Hills Queens

Architecture, Shopping, Restaurants and Movies

A home in Forest Hills Gardens

Forest Hills Queens is a rare place. As you walk around certain parts of this neighborhood, you'll be struck by the natural beauty as much as the architecture... Tree lined, clean and quiet streets will make you forget that you are only minutes away from the heart of New York City. I guess this is why so many choose to live here and stay put.

To the general public, however, Forest Hills is best known as the former site of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships... held at the West Side Tennis Club. Now The U.S. Open takes place at the nearby Arther Ashe Stadium located in Flushing Meadows Park.

Whereas neighborhoods like Astoria and Flushing include several zip codes, Forest Hills Queens covers only one... 11375!

Forest Hills is part of Central Queens. Roughly, the boundaries are...

  • Union Turnpike on the south side;
  • The Interborough Expressway on the east;
  • Yellowstone Avenue on the west; and
  • The Long Island Expressway on the north.

Forest Hills Gardens

Architecture identical to the Hampstead Garden Suburbs of North London...
A rare gem of the World!

Forest Hills Gardens

The most beautiful area of Forest Hills is the Forest Hills Gardens or, referred by most of us locals, as simply... “The Gardens”.

It is a planned community of the Arts & Crafts period... one of the best of a very few remaining examples. Remaining much the same as it did at its inception in 1908, the Forest Hills Gardens is a peaceful, tranquil place that is only a short subway ride away from Midtown Manhattan!

The Gardens stretch roughly from Burns Street south to Groton Street and from 69th Avenue east to the Interborough Parkway.

Named "Best Community" in 2007 by Cottage Living Magazine, The Gardens has curved streets with Tudor- and Victorian-style homes. It covers 142 Acres of land with 800 homes in it. There are also small apartment buildings here.

Many famous people have lived here, like...

  • Helen Keller
  • Dale Carnegie
  • John F. Hylan
  • Fred Stone
  • Adolph A. Weinman
  • Geraldine Ferraro.


Forest Hills Queens is a very popular and busy shopping neighborhood. This place is packed with chains, boutiques and hard-to-find items.

The Main shopping area is...

Austin Street -

Austin Street and 71- Continental Avenue in Forest Hills Queens, New York

This is a very busy hoity-toity shopping street with plenty of boutiques and small shops. The main shopping on Austin Street is at 71st -Continental Avenue and between Ascan Avenue and 69th Place.

Some popular boutiques and small shops are...

  • Maiko – Tiny boutique that has savvy and stylish clothes... no brand names. Located at 71-11 Austin Street.
  • Soleil – Jam-packed with home furnishings. Located at 71-43 Austin Street.
  • Games Workshop – A place for serious gamers. Located at 71-59 Austin Street.
  • Stoa – Homemade semiprecious jewelry, made on premises. Located at 71-60 Austin Street.

Chain stores are also scattered here...

Victoria's Secret on Austin Street in Forest Hills Queens, New York

  • Victoria's Secret is at 71-26 & 71-36 Austin Street
  • Barnes & Nobles Bookstore with Starbucks coffee is at 70-00 Austin Street
  • Gap is at 69-39 Austin Street
  • Children's Place is at 70-34 Austin Street
  • Aldo Shoes is at 71-02 Austin Street

Eventhough Austin street is the main shopping area of Forest Hills Queens, Metropolitan Avenue and Queens Boulevard are also lined with businesses both big and small.


Restaurants in Forest Hills Queens, New York

Forest Hills Queens, especially Austin Street is lined with many restaurants. And, along with local eats, the cuisine here ranges from Italian, Argentine, Uzbek to Japanese, Chinese and Thai. The overall quality of these restaurants is among the best in Queens. However, dinner here isn't cheap.

Some popular restaurants are...

  • Danny Brown Wine & Kitchen - American-European bistro... at 104-02 Metropolitan Avenue, (718) 261-2144
  • Nick's Pizza - Italian... at 108-26 Ascan Ave, just off of Austin Avenue, (718) 263-1126
  • La Vigna Restaurant – Italian food cooked by owner... at 100-11 Metropolitan Avenue, (718) 268-4264
  • Dirty Pierre's – Burger bar... at 15 Continental Avenue, (718) 830-9698
  • 5 Burros – Mexican... at 72-05 Austin Street, (718) 544-2984
  • Sushi Yasu – Japanese bar and store... everything sushi at 71-45 Yellowstone Boulevard, (718) 544-0942
  • Salut - Uzbek Bukharian and Russian... at 63-42 108th Street, (718) 275-6860
  • Bann Thai – Thai... at 69-12 Austin Street, (718) 544-9999
  • Eddie's Sweet Shop – Thick, creamy homemade ice cream at 105-29 Metropolitan Avenue, (718) 520-8514

After satisfying your hunger pangs, catch a flick at one of Forest Hills' Cinemas... Movies are big here too!


Forest Hills' Cinemas attract many to this part of Queens, New York.

There are 3 cinemas here. Have your pick...

Cinemart Cinemas -

Cinemart Cinemas, view from Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills Queens, New York
Located at 106-03 Metropolitan Avenue, (718) 261-2244

What you can expect...

  • Nice and Cozy, old school film theater vibe.
  • Changes schedule pretty frequently. Check out for current times.
  • Conveniently located off the Q23 and Q54 bus stops.
  • Theater Cafe and Eddie's Sweet Shop are next door.
  • For a low key time out.
  • Offers matinee days... Tuesday & Thursday $6 all day and before 5pm everyday!
  • Friendly staff.
  • Not recommended for viewing your favorite special-effects heavy action flick.
  • Plenty of on street parking.
  • Restrooms are located on the 2nd Floor.

United Artists Midway Theater -

Midway Theater, view from Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills Queens, New York
Located at 108-22 Queens Boulevard, (718) 544-5545

What you can expect...

  • Finding parking is tough.
  • Close to food and transportation.
  • “No outside food" policy... Sometimes they even check bags!
  • Comfy stadium seating.
  • Higher percentage of teens during rush hours.

Continental Theater-UA Brandon Cinemas 2 -

Continental Theater-UA Brandon Cinemas 2, view from Austin Street in Forest Hills Queens, New York
Located at 70-20 Austin Street, (718) 544-1020

What you can expect...

  • Parking is a problem.
  • Small.
  • No crowds.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Nice reclining seats with retractable arm rests.
  • Can hear music from the Mardi Gras restaurant next door.

More about Forest Hills Queens

Parks and Playgrounds -

Forest Park on the border of Forest Hills and Kew Gardens in Queens, New York... A gem for walking and biking.

  • Forest Park... Borders Forest Hills Queens and Kew Gardens. It Runs along Myrtle Avenue, Union Turnpike and Park Lanes. This park is a gem for walking and biking... Includes barbecue areas; baseball, basketball, handball, bocce, volleyball and tennis courts; bathrooms; dog runs; eateries; fitness equipment; football fields; golf courses; hiking trails; horseback riding trails; playgrounds; running tracks; skate parks; spray showers and water fountains.
  • Flushing Meadows-Corona Park... Walking distance from Forest Hills Queens, this massive park runs along several neighborhoods. It houses many of Queens Attractions. You can read more about this park by visiting the Flushing page.
  • MacDonald Park, view from Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills Queens, New York.

  • MacDonald Park... Runs along Queens Boulevard, Yellowstone Boulevard, and 70th Rd. Good for sitting, relaxing and watching traffic.
  • Yellowstone Park... Yellowstone Boulevard between 68th Avenue and 68th Road. Contains basketball courts, dog runs, eateries, bathrooms, spray showers and water fountains.
  • Ehrenreich-Austin Playground... Austin Street between 76 Avenue and 76 Drive. Contains basketball and handball courts.
  • Annadale Playground... Yellowstone Boulevard between 65th Road and 65th Avenue. Contains basketball and handball courts, water fountains, spray showers and bathrooms.
  • Willow Lake Playground... Runs along Grand Central Parkway between 71st and 72nd Avenues. Contains basketball and handball courts, water fountains, spray showers and bathrooms.

Forest Hills Queens Real Estate -

In Forest Hills Gardens prices are very high...

  • Single-family homes cost roughly $1 to over $2 million dollar!
  • One bedroom Co-op starts at about $500,000.

North of Queens Boulevard...

Co-ops, a view from Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills Queens, New York.

  • For apartment rentals...
    • $1100 to $1700 for 1- bedroom
    • $1300 to $2000 for 2- bedrooms
    • looking for cheaper rents? Try private homes near Metropolitan avenue.

  • Co-op Sales...
    • $180,000 to $280,000 for 1- bedroom
    • $250,000 to $450,000 for 2- bedrooms. But, in premier new buildings expect a two bedroom co-op for $750,000 or more!

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