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The Top 5 New York Mets Baseball Kids Items

Looking for the New York Mets kids stuff? Have a birthday coming up for a kid who's crazy about the New York Mets?

To make it easy for you, here's the top 5 kids items related to the New York Mets baseball...

MLB Team Pillow Pets1: MLB Team Pillow Pets

Pillow Pets are very popular these days. Everyone wants one. Loved by adults and kids alike, MLB Team Pillow Pets makes a wonderful gift for any New York Mets enthusiast.

This toy is very child friendly and will hold up to any rough use and abuse... very sturdy!

Pillow Pets can be a great help to put a fussy child to sleep. This Pillow Pet is extra soft, cute, cozy, and so much fun to sleep on.

Sidenote: Do not put pillows around infants to prevent SIDS.

Guidecraft New York Mets Children's Toy Box2: Guidecraft New York Mets Children's Toy Box

This popular toy chest will motivate any kid who is a New York Mets fan to clean up. Guidecraft New York Mets Children's Toy Box is spacious and the lid closes to a bench-style seating... Great for extra sitting space in a kids' room.

For the safety of your children, the lid has soft supports and will not pinch fingers.

This toy chest is a collector's item. Officailly licensed by the New York Mets, it is also hand crafted and painted.

The New York Mets 1986 World Series Collector's Edition3: The New York Mets 1986 World Series Collector's Edition

1986... The year to remember in the New York Mets baseball history. I'm a big time Mets fan and was fortunate to have a chance to watch the 1986 World Series, live! I was 12 years old then and loved every moment of it.

Now I'm a parent myself and my son is a great sports fan and loves watching the New York Mets baseball... so cool!

Game 6 of this amazing series was probably the best game ever played in baseball history, hands down! This DVD set does capture the excitement of Game 6... Relive it and share the moments with your little ones!

One great feature of this DVD set is the many bonuses that are included. The best ones being...

  • Special Game Footage – The New York Mets clinching National League Eastern Division, Dykstra's game-winning, walk-off homer... NLCS Game 3; Carter's game-winner... NLCS Game 5 and more.
  • Exclusive Interviews – Mookie Wilson, Gary Carter, Ray Knight, Kieth Hernandez, Kevin Mitchell, Lenny Dytstra, Bill Buckner, Bill Robinson...

The following words definitely do justice in describing the 1986 year of the Mets...

“the unprecedented, unparalleled roller-coaster of emotions stretching from the gripping National League Championship Series to the unfathomable World Series against the Boston Red Sox.”

And, The New York Mets 1986 World Series Collector's Edition DVDs have captured it all!

The Last Play At Shea4: The Last Play At Shea

An all time New York Mets and Billy Joel fan favorite film. This a wonderful documentary that most people don't know about. It is a tribute to both Billy Joel and Shea Stadium... a perfect blend of the two stories.

The Last Play At Shea shows a lot of New York history... an historical look at the closing down and final event at Shea Stadium.

The images on the front of the DVD can be misleading... It's not just about the Billy Joel concert.

New York Mets: The Complete Illustrated History5: New York Mets: The Complete Illustrated History.

A great book to own or buy as a gift for a young New York Mets fan. The pictures bring to life a half century of the Mets baseball... from losers to winners!

Top 50 New York Mets baseball players of all times are reviewed... Team records, stats, and accomplishments, it's all included!

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