Queens Library

The Best in the Nation!

Like many other things, Queens Library is also a very special part of Queens New York. Also known as Queens Borough Public Library, it is one of the three library systems of New York City and is considered the best in the nation.

Children's Books at the Central Library in Jamaica QueensQueens Library is a wonderful place for my kids and I to enjoy free children's books.

I love that my kids and I can walk to our public library and take out as many books as we want for free. All we have to do is use our library card and pay attention to the return date. As the due date approaches my kids and I decide what books to renew or return.

For our convenience, the Library provides an online renewal service at its website. I renew books online all the time. Sometimes, my kids love a book so much that we end up keeping it for few months. Of course, then we have to buy it at our bookstore for keeps. My kids own many great children's books and love each and every one...Thanks to our Library!

Free children's books at the Library help me save money, space and trees!

Do You Know...

Queens Library system is divided into branches. Each branch is committed to providing “quality services, resources, and lifelong learning opportunities through books and a variety of other formats to meet the informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs and interests of its diverse and changing population.”

Queens Library is more about the community than anything else... A place for seniors in the morning and kids after school.

Each branch of the Library has a Children Center. It is a wonderful place for little kids. The librarians are very helpful and nice. There are also very popular, free reading programs for infants and toddlers at many branches. Some of the programs require registration or pre-registration.

I personally know how popular and in demand these programs are...

The new Toddler Learning Center Workshop was about to begin in a week. So, I rushed to the Central Library in Jamaica to register my 2 year old daughter for it. Arriving an hour early to get in, I noticed the line was going around the block from the library. It was Winter and very cold. I said to myself... Wow, Queens' parents are very dedicated and determined people. It was a nice feeling.

My daughter ended up on the waiting list and had to wait for the next session which was going to be after three months. She started nursery school before then and never got to attend the Toddler Learning Center Workshop at the Central Library.

Children's Library Discovery Center at the Central Library in Jamaica, Queens New York

My kids and I visit the Central Library in Jamaica Queens a lot... We love it!

Recently it has upgraded the Children Center. Which, has moved to a new location and is now called the Children's Library Discovery Center. It is an awesome place for the growing minds.

A hands-on exhibit in the Children's Library Discovery Center at the Central Library in Jamaica QueensThe Discovery Center's mission is to “include hands-on interactive exhibits and learning labs to enable 3 to 12 year old kids to find information and to inspire interests in books, reading and learning while discovering the joy of scientific exploration.”

I love reading to my kids and personally love children story books. They are so much fun! I feel privileged to have a public library at a walking distance from my home.

More About the Library

Queens Library is a very big, independent system with a Central Library in Jamaica and 62 branch libraries spread throughout Queens New York. More than a century old, this library system has won many awards through the years. Nationally recognized, Queens Library has the highest circulations of any library in the nation.

Early history and organization of the Library dates back to 1858. The first library of Queens was in Flushing and became a free circulation library in 1884. During that time several other communities started local library service... Steinway, Hollis, Queens Village, Richmond Hill, Ozone Park, Long Island City, and Astoria. These seven library became the central part of the present Queens Library. The Queens Borough Public Library was formed 1907. Read more about the history at the Library's website.

Queens Library has a branch conveniently located in every neighborhood and is more than just books. It is a leader in developing specialized services to meet community needs. Free literary, cultural and informational programs are favorites. From author talks to puppet shows to flamenco dancers to classical concerts, some 435,000 customers attended 21,000 programs in 2006.

Visit the Library's website and checkout all the programs and services it offers. The list is located on the left hand navigation bar labeled “Library Services A-Z.”

Queens Library's Website is a great service to make life easy. It's like going to the library while not having to leave the comfort of your home. What can be more convenient. Here is short list of what you will find online at the website...

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